A Letter from Georgia

To those of you who have been a part of the State Of Georgia journey over the years, this is me, Georgia, writing to you to let you know where I’ve been and what’s been cooking in my small corner of the world...
To say the past 12 months have been a challenge is an understatement. For me, my family, those around me, and everyone around the world, who could ever have thought what has happened would! Nonetheless, here I am, still standing and ready to launch what will be the first collection in over 12 months. A labor of love, creativity, and passion that started just before COVID took over the world, “In Dreams” is inspired by what this pandemic has forced us all to come to terms with.
On a personal level, my family and I were greatly affected by COVID. My love in life and work, and father to my little boy River Albert left for Austria in March last year for what was meant to be a 2-week trip however unable to leave and return home to Bali due to the pandemic, we were separated for over 8 months. This was a long rollercoaster for both my little one and myself and affected us all in so many ways. We were left alone in Bali (which we have called home for over 17 years now) feeling rattled and scared at what was going on around the world. I was left to juggle two businesses, home school a 6yr old and also take care of my mother who had happened to visit just before COVID hit. It was no easy task... but I’ll say this - what I learned is that although near impossible to sustain work and family life without some sort of support, I did it - it was a grounding experience to “just be” with my son and try and not worry too much. And although I did worry I worked out pretty quickly that I had two choices - overthink and stress or just turn work off and live in the now.
Once I realised I wasn’t superwoman and decided to just live in the now I have to say it was a revolutionary experience! My life changed and I started to enjoy each moment more. I relished the one-on-one time with River, I started to meditate again, eat well, slow down, and take each day like it was a gift. Life was thrown upside down but in the ritual of it, I found an entirely new force from which to live out my life.

From all accounts, no one has been left unaffected by the diverse change COVID has brought. I know my story is not unique, but I hope that as I story tell it to you, you may find a sense of connectedness and similarity. We have all gone through so much and by coming together in the community, sharing our experiences and creativity, we can endeavor to make the world a better place, every single piece by piece…
Over the next few weeks, you will be introduced to my newest collection "In Dreams". Each piece within this collection tells a story - as a designer, a creator, a mother, a businesswoman, and as a friend I invite you to continue sharing in the journey as we all step back into this crazy thing called life.
Lots of love, and always grateful for your support,
Georgia x